Coaching Institutes or Self Study- Which Is Better To Achieve Success

There are many coaching institutes coming up for the preparation of different competitive exams like Medical, Engineering, MBA, Bank and other government exams. But do you really feel that the assistance from these coaching institutes will give you achieve success, or it’s just psychological that joining these institutes will help you clear the exam.

The best part of these coaching institutes is that they provide coaching material for entrance exam and some short hand tricks. The material they offer is of high quality with all the question from previous year papers, the most frequently asked ones and similar to those also. They also provide practice papers so that you inculcate a habit of time management and help you identify your weaker areas.


According to me it’s only your hard work and self study will help you out. The best part in self study is that you give time to your studies as per your convenience, you don’t have to schedule your other work as per you class’s timings. In case your classes get cancelled for the day, and the very next day you have your exam of which you have multiple queries to be resolved, then you will be stuck. In other words, these coaching institutes makes you dependent on them as a result of which you stop pressurizing your brain to think and solve the question yourself.

If you believe in self study but are joining these coaching institutes only for study material, then you there is good news for you. Prozo, an online portal for all competitive exam needs, offers coaching material from top notch institutes at heavy discounts. They also have second hand coaching material in good conditions at very nominal prices for those who can’t afford to buy new ones.