What is the Right Time to Start Preparing for IIT JEE Mains Exam?


We have come across many students who keep on asking, which is the ideal time to start preparing for IIT JEE Mains? Should we start preparing after our class 9th exam or 10th? Trust us, we have seen many students who buy IIT JEE mains books and start their preparation from class 9th itself. But do you even understand what JEE mains is all about during your class 9th? No, right? Then how could you prepare for something you’ve no idea about? Well, here we’ll tell you when to start your preparation for the exam and how to move ahead.

Though many students and parents stay confused regarding their preparation strategy to make it to the IIT, the best time to start your preparation is after 12th. This is because otherwise it will become a daunting task for you to prepare for board exam and JEE mains together. Also, it won’t be of any use if you start your preparation before your 12th class.

However, whenever you start you preparation, you need to set your basics clear. Before you appear for the exam, you need to understand the concepts behind each topic. You need to brush up your class IX basics in topics such as mechanics, algebra, geometry etc.

Now, to help you prepare better, here are some tips that you can follow while preparing for IIT JEE mains exam:


1. Time Management

To begin with, you need to manage your time efficiently to prepare for JEE mains exam. You need to divide your time according to the important tasks that you need to do for the exam. Time management will help you prepare better for the exam and also will help you complete the paper on time.


2. Plan a Schedule

Make a to-do list and try to follow it strictly. Before you start your preparation, you need to make a schedule and allocate specific hours for each task and topic. Every day when you get up from bed, spend some time to plan for the day, prioritizing the things you need to do.


3. Go Through the Syllabus and Know the Exam Pattern

When it is said that you need to go through the syllabus, it means that you need to understand the weightage given to different topics or subjects. This will help you make a better strategy for the exam preparation.

We hope this post have answered one of the most pressing questions on the minds of every JEE mains aspirants. You just need to start your preparation at the right time, get the right material and take IIT JEE mains mock test to ace the exam.

Top 5 Study Tips for IELTS Exam Preparation


Are you preparing for IELTS and like many other applicants trying to find some effective study tips? If yes, you’re at the right place. Here we will give you the 5 tips that you can follow to prepare for the exam and come out with flying colours.

1. IELTS Will Test Your English Language Skills, So Get The Help of a Professional

We know that learning on your own is also quite beneficial. However, at some point or the other, you need some experienced people who can help you with the language. The exam will test your ability to speak, write, read and understand the English language. So, the best thing would be to to get in touch with an English teacher.

2. Do Not Repeat Your Mistakes, Instead Learn from Them

It is quite obvious that you’ll be making mistakes while learning or practicing. Trust us, making mistakes is not a big deal. What is important is that you do not repeat them. Try to learn from your mistakes and be careful that the mistakes you make are not repeated again and again. This can be overcome by taking practice tests apart from going through the best books for IELTS exam.

3. Take Mock Test Regularly to Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Do you know your strong and weak areas? If no, you need to understand that knowing both your strengths and weaknesses will help you perform better in the exam. This can be possible only by taking mock test. Also, it will improve your speed.

4. Work on Your Skills to Develop Them

As we all know, language is a skill and to develop it, you need to practice in the right way. To perform better in the exam and achieve your goal, you need to understand and try learning the language better. You can make it a habit to read newspapers and magazines daily.

5. Concentrate on The Question on Your Exam Day

The exam day is quite different from your preparation phase and so while answering the paper, all you need in your head is that you need to answer the question right within the allotted hours. Do not waste much time on one question as sweating over one question will not help you gain anything.

To ace the exam, you need to get good IELTS study material and books. Also, rather than memorizing, try to understand the language in your own words. We are sure it will help you crack the exam.

AIIMS Exam 2016: Last Month Preparation Tips And Guidance


There is no denying the fact that AIIMS is one of the most complex examinations which make the applicants tremble in uncertainty. Most of them come under pressure, especially in the last month of preparation for acing the exam. To avoid this, what you need is an impeccable and a planned strategy for the last lap of your preparation. Now, the question is how to plan a proper strategy? To help you find an answer to your question, here we bring the last month preparation tips and guidance for you.


1. Maintain Your Health

This might sound a little off the topic, but trust us this one of the most important things to look after during the last days of your preparation. Often due to exam stress, most of the applicants suffer from poor health that acts as a hindrance to successful preparation. Therefore, you need to take care of your health before the exam.

Here’s what you can do to maintain your health:
• Do not take too much stress. Try to avoid it by taking out time to do things that you find interesting.
• Take proper meal and have good night’s sleep as it will keep you fresh.


2. Manage Your Time Efficiently

What becomes a challenge in an exam is, completing the paper within the specific allotted hours and AIIMS exam is no exception to this. The paper will include three sections- one which will have questions that you already mastered, second will have questions that you know a little about and the third will have questions that you know nothing about. So, now it depends on you how you’ll manage your time to complete the paper. It is always a wise move to start with the section that you’ve already mastered. For this, you need to take practice test as it will improve your speed.

Make a time table and divide your time accordingly. Try to follow it sincerely to perform better in the exam.


3. Study and Revise Regularly

To score well in AIIMS exam, you need to make sure that you study regularly. Do not miss a single day and also do not forget to revise. Whatever you read should be revised daily rather than keeping everything aside for the last minute revision. Revision not only will help you analyse your preparation level but will also improve your retention power.

You can calculate the total time you’ve left for the exam and then divide it for different subjects accordingly.


4. Take Mock Test

Though some candidates fail to realize the importance of taking AIIMS mock test, it is something you should never miss on. In the last days of your preparation, ensure that you take more and more mock tests. Not only will this help you identify your weaknesses, but will also help you find the topics that you’ve already mastered. This way you can plan a better strategy to work on your weaker areas and improve them.

Thus, the above tips will surely help you ace the AIIMS. However, when you buy AIIMS books, select those which provide detailed understanding of the subjects and are easy to understand.

Tips and Tricks on How to Crack Upcoming AIPMT Exam 2016



Like every other competitive exam, AIPMT too requires a planned strategy and regular study to ace it. There is no denying the fact that cracking AIPMT exam 2016 wouldn’t be a piece of cake, however, with proper planning and dedication you can definitely crack the exam. Now, the question is how to make an effective strategy or which are the tips to follow? So, here is the answer to your question.

Let’s go through the tips and tricks that will assist you in preparing for the upcoming AIPMT exam 2016 and clear it with flying colours.


1. Read NCERT Books in Detail

To clear the AIPMT exam 2016, NCERT books should be on your fingertips. This means that you should read the books thoroughly and understand the topics given. You need to read the 11th and 12th standard NCERT books in detail along with some other recommended AIPMT preparation books to crack the exam.


2. Practice Previous Years’ Papers

Make sure that you solve previous years’ papers and note down the common topics and frequently asked questions. Not only this will give you an idea about the exam but will help you prepare on the topics that can get you a good score in the exam.


3. Know the Syllabus

Needless to say that AIPMT syllabus is a vast one. Therefore, you need to understand the exact topics on which you need to focus and put in your efforts for maximum output. And for this you need to know the syllabus thoroughly. Some of the important topics on which you need to focus are:

Physics: Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Optics, Nuclear physics etc.

Chemistry: General organic chemistry, Mole concept, Chemical bonding, Periodic table etc.

Biology: Genetics, Ecology and environment, Morphology of plants and animals, Cell Biology Physiology of plants and animals, Reproduction in plants and animals etc.


4. Take Regular Mock Test
AIPMT mock test is very important to help you succeed in the exam. So, you need to ensure that you practice mock tests regularly and try to learn from your mistakes. Taking mock test will not only help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, but also improve your speed, provided you make the test time bound.


5. Revision Strategy

Most of the students keep the revision for last month. However, this is not actually the right way to prepare. To score well in the exam, it is necessary that you revise daily as it will help you retain the things better. Keeping everything to revise for the last moment will make it very difficult for you to remember everything that you’ve learned.

Thus, you can follow the above given tips and tricks to ace the AIPMT 2016 exam. However, the most important thing is that you must have a positive attitude and must believe in yourself.

Coaching Institutes or Self Study- Which Is Better To Achieve Success

There are many coaching institutes coming up for the preparation of different competitive exams like Medical, Engineering, MBA, Bank and other government exams. But do you really feel that the assistance from these coaching institutes will give you achieve success, or it’s just psychological that joining these institutes will help you clear the exam.

The best part of these coaching institutes is that they provide coaching material for entrance exam and some short hand tricks. The material they offer is of high quality with all the question from previous year papers, the most frequently asked ones and similar to those also. They also provide practice papers so that you inculcate a habit of time management and help you identify your weaker areas.


According to me it’s only your hard work and self study will help you out. The best part in self study is that you give time to your studies as per your convenience, you don’t have to schedule your other work as per you class’s timings. In case your classes get cancelled for the day, and the very next day you have your exam of which you have multiple queries to be resolved, then you will be stuck. In other words, these coaching institutes makes you dependent on them as a result of which you stop pressurizing your brain to think and solve the question yourself.

If you believe in self study but are joining these coaching institutes only for study material, then you there is good news for you. Prozo, an online portal for all competitive exam needs, offers coaching material from top notch institutes at heavy discounts. They also have second hand coaching material in good conditions at very nominal prices for those who can’t afford to buy new ones.